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Green Communities Project

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Movie Stars

Yes that’s right, some of you will be movie stars! Well… kind of…

As many of you know, in the last few weeks we were filming around the buildings for a short film about the Green Communities Project. It’s still in the works, but here’s a photo of Brenda from TriFilm shooting some shots around town…Yum Rocket Doughnuts! Image

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Green Team Tuesdays

Two weeks ago, folks from BHA and Sustainable Connections talked with local artist Ellen Clark who will be painting colorful murals at Lincoln, Chuckanut and Washington Squares. These murals will include images of trees, animals, Bellingham sites, and of course residents of these buildings. Here everybody talks about the spaces for the murals and Ellen begins to get her creative juices flowing as she imagines what she will paint. ImageImageImageImageImageYou can see some of Ellens work to get an idea at her website here….


After Ellen got a feel for the space, there was our usual Tuesday Green Team meeting at Washington Sq. 

Todd from BHA seems to be saying something very interesting!

ImageWe finally got the Telemetry screen plugged in at Washington Sq, although it still doesn’t have the right information, Mariah from Sustainable Connections was demonstrating how it works. 

ImageThen we discussed the Waste Survey that everybody should receive in their August Rent bill. Please fill this out so we can find out how to make it easier for everybody to recycle and compost! We love feedback!ImageFinally, we just marveled over how well the Food Plus composting is going at Washington Square! Less than two months ago, we decided to give it a try and got one toter bin, so many people were using it, we already have had to get five of them!


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Questions & Feedback Phone Number

In an effort to help residents reach us more easily with questions, concerns and ideas on saving Waste, Water, and Energy, we have set up a phone number and answering machine for you to call. We will check the messages every week and return your message as soon as possible. Please leave your name, phone number or email address in your message so that we can address your questions directly back to you. Any messages not concerning ENERGY, WASTE or WATER will not be returned. Thank you so much for your time, energy, and interest! We look forward to working with you to help reduce your footprint. The phone number is 360-715-7307. It can also be found at the top of the blog page foreasy access. Thanks again!

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Another Tuesday Green Team Meeting

We had our usual Green Team Meeting at Washington sq last Tuesday. Mariah and Susie discussed how and why more and more residents are using Food Plus! at Washington and the general recycling at all three buildings .It’s awesome to hear that more people in all three buildings are taking the time and energy to learn and recycle properly.Image They also talked about getting residents to use Food Plus! for yard waste, and just as we were talking about it, we spied Caroline (hope I spelled that right) dumping the garden weeds into the Food Plus! bin outside! Hurrah!

Image Mary & Robert brought leftover cake from their back-to-back birthdays. Happy belated birthday to you both! We discussed the new signs for the trash chutes and continued talk about helping more people understand recycling and composting and making it easier for them, among other things too. ImageImage

All in all, it was another good, productive Green Team meeting. Thanks for showing up!

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New Recycle Signs

You may notice next time you take your trash out that there is some new signage reminding you to Stop, Think, and Sort next time you throw something away. The poster has a bunch of pictures of things you can recycle, making it easier to figure out what to sort.





In addition to these signs, we also put up signs at Washington Square to help people figure out what food containers can go into the Food Plus! bins that they have there. They look like this…


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